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New Rent Home Properties strives to provide quality service to our tenants. Please use your resources below. For comments and questions about your lease, please email us at


Welcome Packet

For your convenience, we've provided a welcome packet to help you transition into your new home.


Water/Sewer Services

Pet Policy

  • City of Houston: 713.371.1400 |

  • ​City of Crosby (WCID 70): 281.462.2001 | 2935 Foley Rd

  • City of Crosby (Newport MUD):

  • City of Humble: 281.446.3061 |

  • Meadowcreek Utility District (Missouri City) | 281.499.5539


New Rent Home Properties are pet friendly. Common household pets we accept are well behaved, small domesticated dogs, cats, rodents, fish, and certain reptiles. No tenant shall have more than two animals of any breed at one time.

Approved small pets are allowed with an upfront one time non-refundable pet fee of $300/pet and a signed pet agreement. The following domesticated animals are allowed with approval:

  • Domesticated Cat

  • Domesticated Dog, under 30 pounds

  • Small rodents kept in cages (gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, etc.)

  • Small reptiles kept in cages (turtles, lizards, geckos, etc.)

  • Small fish bowls are ok, but no water tanks over 10 gallons.

  • Snakes, spiders, insects, iguanas and birds are NOT allowed.

Any dog over 30 pounds will need to be interviewed to insure they are trained and well behaved. If a big dog is approved, there is a one time non-refundable $500/pet fee.

We do not allow pets with prior history of biting or attacking and certain dog breeds: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Bull Terrier, Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Chows, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bull, Rottweilers, St. Bernanrd, Staffordshire Terriers and all "mixes" of the above breeds. 

If you have an animal which will not allow our maintenance person entry to the house, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE PRESENT FOR ALL REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE AT OUR SCHEDULE. Even if you have to take off of work.

Tenant will pay labor and materials for any damage, cleaning or poop removal needed because of their pet. Pet agreement available here.


Rent Payments

Pay your rent online with Intuit Payment Network. It's fast, secure and free.

Change Address

To change your address to your new home, please visit the official postal service change of address link:


​Trash Services


Electric/Gas Services

Maintenance Requests/Lockouts

For repairs, use this form to ensure your request is handled as quickly as possible! Minor repairs are usually fixed within 5 business days.

For fire or police emergency, please call 911.

For repair emergencies (gushing water, a strong smell of gas or sparks from an electric outlet) and lock outs, please call us (832) 429.4674 and leave a message.

Please note you will be charged a $25 lockout fee if the lockout request can be handled during normal business hours (9AM to 6PM Monday thru Friday). A $50 charge will be applied to requests after normal business hours and on weekends.


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